Friday, February 6, 2009

PMS- if that's still possible

Today was a bad day all around!! I think Daniel and I fought just about all day long, except when we were on separate floors of the house. I think everything he did irritated me! We got along great tonight-- after he fell asleep. LOL His sister and I sat and watched our Friday night shows while he snored on the couch. AWWW family time~

Alex had his 8 year check up today...He grew 1-1/4 inches and gained 6 pounds this year. He is now in the 7% for his height and 26% for his weight. He definitely gets his height from his mother!!! It is so funny. I was just saying how he grew out of his clothes...he only grew 1-1/4 do you grow out of clothes with that???? He was going out the door with Daniel this morning on his way to the doctor when he told his dad that he had an ear infection...sure enough he came home with an antibiotic. I swear EVERY time we take him to the doctor, well or sick, that child has an ear infection.

Evan was in rare form he ran around the house singing a song that I am not so sure where he got it, I had never heard it...something like "I'm not your boy toy".. I think I am going to have to lock him up now!

I barely saw Kyler, he had an away game after school and then decided to stay in town for the varsity game. He came home, ate some chips, showered and went to bed. I don't see him much anymore. Teenagers! LOL

***Just a quick update on Alex with school....He is doing great with his new teacher. He is a totally different kid when he comes home. He talks about school now and actually tells us how his day went instead of just "ok" or "good". It is amazing. There was obviously more to his story than what he told us...I am just so glad that he is finally happy!

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  1. I missed this post somehow...I am so glad Alex is doing better with the new teacher. He is a short little thing...The latest post is my answer to Evans song & Kyler's age...don't want my girls to get there.