Saturday, February 14, 2009


Everything in this house lately seems to revolve around wrestling (yuck). Alex and Evan are constantly playing it, whether it is on the playstation, with the figurines or with each other. I guess I should be happy about them actually playing together and not fighting, but the other day Evan came out of Kyler's room after playing playstation and was singing "Im not your boy toy, I'm just a sexy boy...Sexy booooooy" Hum, I think that the playstation game is going to have to get lost! How do you keep a straight face when your 3-year-old s singing about being a boy toy?

Finally cheerleading is over! No more games. I am going to try to see what kind of interest I have for next year here soon and at least try to plan for that. I have decided to continue with the torture! Daniel isn't as excited as I am, but I am hoping that next year will be alot smoother, since I will have a clue what to look out for. I chaperoned the dance last night...Is it a bad sign when one of your chaperones is arrested??? I have learned sooooo much this year and at least I will know that I will have to approve every chaperone from now on...last dance we had a young, very pregnant chaperone who I believe danced more than the teens. Ahhh live and learn. LOL I am going to miss the girls though, I do feel somewhat relieved, but I know I will miss them.

Just had to do a short blog tonight, it is almost midnight, and I really don't want to turn into a pumpkin right in front of the computer. I will write more when I have more time!


  1. Has Evan been aroung Granny's sister Iris lately? She is a little crazy & she used to tell Aaron (Lynn's husband) that he was her boy toy. Needless to say I warned Mike before I'd let him meet her.

  2. LOL...we do have quite a few of those people in this family that we have to warn others about huh???