Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sorting Through a Century

Finally, everyone is back to school! Yesterday was awful. Kyler and Alex were both home and Evan knew something wasn't right and was just a whiney brat!!! I spent the afternoon with Gram and Martin. I go every week now to fill Gram's insulin syringes, she can't see enough anymore to do them herself and they are taking her home nurse away because "she isn't needy enough". Martin isn't very good either with his sight and fell again last week. He has another sore on his leg and of course they expect Gram to take care of it. She can't see well enough to do it, but luckily, they have a home aid that cleans for them and she said she will help Gram. Evan has been enjoying our visits very much and he and Martin play while I do the syringes and Gram and I go through literally 100-year-old papers and photos. It is amazing the things that she has given to me. General Store account books from 1887...post cards from 1910...photographs done on tin...In the stuff that she sent today there was a letter from my Great-Grandfather in 1918 on the day that the war ended and also one from when he was wounded 3 times in one day. It blows me away the things that she has kept over the years. We have gotten close again, almost where we were before she married Martin. We talk ALOT while Martin and Evan play...or should I say Evan plays wrestlers with Martin...Last week I was talking to Gram and heard snoring and when I looked up Martin was still holding the wrestler, but he was sleeping. The funny part is that Evan didn't know the difference...he was still playing away, fighting the wrestler Martin was holding. We laughed and laughed, ended up waking him up and he started to play again. I have been begging them to move to Williamsburg so that we can take care of them better and see them more, but Martin refuses. He keeps saying that after he is gone we can move Gram. He has no clue! Well, I am falling asleep as I type, so I better close for now. It is mentally exhausing trying to figure out what Gram means sometimes, but I love her anyway...lol

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  1. I hope it all gets better soon & what the heck are you talking about Kyler's files?